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"In my practice I address the whole person’s mind body and spirit. I empower you to lead a more fulfilled, balanced & effective life.

By weaving in successful coaching principles and open minded ideas, I assist in Awakening your own inner voice to achieve your goals, visions, and dreams."     JLA

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  • Communication in a relationship
  • How to rebuild trust when it’s broken 
  • Spiritual Goals
  • Emotional Goals

The Bridge Life Coaching LLC Personal Coaching And Consulting

Areas of Expertise

  • Personal / Professional Goals
  • Fitness Goals
  • Financial Goals
  • Stress management for new hospitality managers
  • Business skills for new or existing careers
  • Adolescent Challenges: Peer/School/Relationship
  • College prep for teens
  • Life skills for post college students
Parents/ Adolescents/ College Students
Men & Women

Co-Author: The Change

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